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After college, Steve and Kaye McKaskle decided to come back home to Braggadocio Missouri to continue the family’s farming tradition of five generations. In 1973, they first began conventional cotton and soybean farming but later in 1991, decided to convert the farms to organic. Their first organic crop was cotton which was sold to companies such as, Espirit, Ecosport, Patagonia and Nike.


Their first rotational crop was soybeans and sold to (and still are) Arrowhead Mills. Currently the McKaskles farm over 1000 acres organically and present crops include popcorn, Basmati and regular long-grain rice, soybeans, winter wheat and oats. Though it was the premium organic price that first enticed Steve and Kaye to farm organically, today they do it because it is the “right thing” to do!


In March 2010, the McKaskles decided to form a new company to market their organic popcorn and rice under the Braggadocio® name. You can find these fresh and local food grains in area organic and conventional grocery stores.



McKaskle Farms prides itself in providing organically grown non-GMO foods!



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